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The UZONA Chamber of Commerce serves communities in Southern Utah and Northern Arizona. Our name represents the region we serve, shared by the two states. We’re proud to serve communities in a region settled by a pioneering heritage that set a foundation for service to others, strong work ethics, and endearing family values. Recognized for its painted desert landscapes, brilliant sunsets, and easy access to multiple national parks; our communities are warm, welcoming, and diversified in the people that call it home. 

The region gained attention after explorer John Wesley Powell, in 1869, led the first group of explorers through what is now the world acclaimed Grand Canyon National Park. Mormon pioneers and cattle ranchers began settling the range shortly thereafter. Many settled and more gathered until the communities in the region began to take shape. 

With the Utah/Arizona state line running east-to-west dividing the Short Creek Valley, the communities we serve include Apple Valley and Hildale in Utah and Colorado City, Centennial Park, Cane Beds, and Kaibab Paiute Reservation in Arizona. As a main gateway to the towering walls of Zion National Park (the fourth most visited National Park in the U.S.), the shores of Lake Powell, and the edges of the Grand Canyon; travelers from all over the globe are discovering our canyons and outcroppings provide world class outdoor experiences and views worth staying a while. 

Our area has a growing and vibrant culture that includes rough n’ tough Arizona Strip Cowboys coexisting alongside the hustle and bustle of our expanding communities and businesses; world travelers drawn in by the beauty and excitement of high desert adventures; and the hospitality of the locals who enjoy sharing the folklore of yesteryear under the canopy of the great western sky.  

Let's face it, we have amazing people throughout our region who are exceptional at what they do. From contractors building our infrastructure, homes and communities; to tech entrepreneurs building innovative solutions on the outer edges of technology; to our local artisans who are imagining creations that inspire, satisfy, and warm our hearts. 

Growth within the business community throughout the region is being fueled by modern advancements in technology. More businesses are evolving or being established that have developed offerings that take advantage of the rural workforce with products or services that extend well beyond the local marketplace. Infrastructure from land, buildings, roads, and fiber optics supplied broadband are constantly being updated and extended throughout the region. These capital investments are facilitating an economic revolution where locals who often traveled outside their communities to make a living are now working better paying jobs that keep them closer to home. 

With growth comes all the challenges which often follow the opportunity for it. But through the resiliency of the pioneering spirit, and the determination of all those that call it home, our communities are taking on the challenges. Through open collaboration with federal, state, county, and municipal governments; all have come to the table. Making sure solutions are being supported with the expertise, planning, and resources required for successful implementation. These partnerships are critical to reinforcing the local foundations of community trust where all who call this home can do so with a feeling of inclusion, safety, and opportunity. 



The UZONA Chamber of Commerce vision is to engage leadership and diversity in a community of opportunity. 

The mission driving us towards that vision is to promote education, collaboration and engagement to guide responsible economic growth. We connect individuals and business to our network of relations as a catalyst for success. We facilitate community partnerships, resources and support that sustain those that live, play, work, and do business in our communities. 

The core values we have espoused to guide us are: 

Inclusion - We welcome and respect everyone

Safe - We create a sense of belonging

Caring - We are genuinely interested in your success and well-being

Resourceful - We leverage our resources to add value to each engagement

Collaborative - We are a catalyst for synergy in our network of relationships

Progressive - We embrace creativity, clear thinking, and sound decision making

Sustainable - We gain strength and longevity by valuing people

Our core strategy is to foster economic opportunities by facilitating connections, promoting education, and honoring boundaries. We do this through networking events, community partnerships, and building bridges to solve complex issues. 

Our leadership team is made of volunteers from varying backgrounds in business, education, community service, and municipal government. We are continually seeking out individuals who represent the diversity of our broader community and have a passion to serve either as a Board Member or as a Chamber Ambassador willing to take on specific projects and build a team to accomplish them. 



A Chamber of Commerce (also referred to in some circles as a board of trade) is a form of business network, e.g., a local organization of businesses whose goal is to further the interests of the business community. Business owners in communities, regions, counties, and states form chambers to advocate on behalf of the business community within their circle of influence. The chamber of commerce is an organization of citizens who are investing time, resources, and talent aimed towards creating a vibrant local economy fostered by favorable business practices and standards. 

Chambers are typically made of business members from all industries as well as community partner organizations like nonprofits and local government. These members then elect a Board of Directors who adopt and ratify when necessary, a set of by-laws which set policy and standards by which the chamber is governed by. This element is critical to the mission of the chamber as it sets the foundation by which it can build its value in the communities it serves.

The functions of a chamber are anchored around the benefits each individual chamber focuses on delivering to its members and the broader business community. Benefits often include: advocacy with federal, state, county, and municipal governments; regional economic development; professional development and leadership training; connecting resources to assist new and established businesses; community and professional networking events; grand opening and ribbon cutting planning for new businesses; as well as community outreach programs that provide volunteer opportunities to anyone interested. 

We are growing and taking on greater challenges every day and acknowledge our accomplishments are not possible without volunteer support, which is always greatly appreciated. 

If interested, please email us at admin@uzonachamber.org.

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