Zellim – One App

8 Powerful Features… All the tools you need to communicate and collaborate in an easy-to-use platform so you can be productive from anywhere.

Zellim creates an online workplace so straightforward you’ll be able to optimize your workflow in minutes. We combine projects, chat, voice channels, video conferencing, calendar, contacts & more so your team can deliver their best work.

Video Conferencing

Enjoy simple-to-use, encrypted Video Conferencing features including recording, transcription, a fully loaded conference dashboard, and call in & out that allows you to easily dial up anyone, anywhere, and add them to your meeting on the fly. With Zellim it’s easier than ever to stay connected, even from a distance.

Zellim’s Video Conferencing feature now provides our exclusive second layer of encryption that runs from participant to participant. Enabling this security feature will only allow only authorized participants to see or hear you.

Zellim’s Presentation feature provides all the visual tools you need for mind-blowing demonstrations. As part of our Video Conferencing suite, Our Presentation tool has everything you need to capture your audience’s attention! Learn More About Video Conference

Project Management

Create, Track & Manage Projects from Anywhere

Simple to use Project Management allows you to create groups, assign tasks & deadlines, monitor progress & share documents. Customize your virtual office space to make it your own by selecting from multiple views including list, kanban, timeline & more.

Plus… Zellim is the only productivity suite on the market that gives you everything you need in one place.

Learn More About Project Management

Chat & Voice Channels

Connecting People No Matter Where They Are

Voice Channels take instant communication to a whole new level with real-time audio streams. Simply press your mic button and you’ re connected. With both Chat & Voice Channel connectivity, you can quickly ask a question, share screens, problem-solve, & brainstorm… all without sending anyone over to a video conference. Learn More About Chat & Voice Channels

Clear Your Day With Zellim’s Self Scheduling

Zellim creates a public calendar where your clients can self-schedule appointments, cancel, and reschedule anytime they need to.

Set your availability

Connect your appointment slots to your integrated calendar so you never get double bookings.

Share your appointment calendar through email campaigns, social media or your website.

Let Your Clients Book

Let clients have access to your available time and self schedule. Send automatic reminders and allow for rescheduling.

Learn More About Appointment Calendar

All Your Scheduling Needs In One Easy-To-Use App!

Take control of your day with Zellim. Set realistic goals and automate your schedule so you can spend less time answering phone calls, sending messages, and writing emails, leaving you more time to do the things you enjoy!

Connect your external calendars and manage them all from Zellim.

All the features you need to streamline your day-to-day operations. Send voice messages, attach files, create a checklist, link tasks to a Group or Contact, add subtasks, and embed Google docs, sheets, or slides.

Contact Manager & Groups

Import, add, edit & manage all your contacts in one place. Keep track of communication & important documents. Create groups to connect with & collaborate so you stay productive & organized.

Learn More About Contacts & Groups

Time Tracker

Track time on tasks for real-time costs analysis. See how much time is spent on each task and by whom.

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