Photography has been one of my go-to hobbies for the last 10 years. It isn’t only about taking photos, it’s the whole idea of capturing a significance of that in time. I have always loved old photos and the moment captured in each. I wanted to capture that.

In 2014 I got my first point-n-shoot camera. In 2016 my father got a DSLR camera and I adopted it as my own. That same year I won a local Calendar contest. That’s when people began to ask me if I had a photography page, or if I could take photos for them.. In the fall of 2019 I accomplished a big goal of mine; I was able to buy my own camera setup with my own money saved from my photography work. I’ve taken photos of grand openings, sporting events, 4th of July celebrations, a few weddings, seniors, newborns, and many Christmas card photos. I have been selling photography prints for three years now. 




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