Colorado City Unified School District #14

Colorado City USD has two schools serving Utah and Arizona students. Cottonwood Elementary serves preschool to 5th grade. El Capitan High School serves 6th to 12th grades.


The District’s Vision & Mission


The district’s vision is to build a strong community by empowering the individual to achieve excellence in life’s pursuits. Its mission is to be the school of choice in the community we serve by excelling in academics, arts, and athletics.


Our Schools

Cottonwood Preschool   

Cottonwood Elementary

El Capital High School   



Admin Team

The current administrative team consists of the Superintendent, ESS Director, Title I Director, and Building Principals. The district mission is to provide the best learning opportunities for children. We are dedicated to allocating resources to meet that goal. We subscribe to the philosophy of a professional learning community. This philosophy encourages a collaborative approach to teaching, wherein teachers meet together frequently to share teaching strategies, commonly score assessments, create interventions for struggling students, and align curriculum.

Carol Timpson, Superintendent 

Levi Zitting, ESS Director

Vicki Timpson, Title I Director

Shauna Hammon, El Capitan Principal





El Capitan Principal:

Cottonwood Principal: 

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