Credit Innovation Group Headquartered in Hildale, Utah

The UZONA Chamber of Commerce is excited to partner with Credit Innovation Group to present the 1st Annual UZONA Chamber Business Expo & Career Fair in its inaugural debut event.

CIG has been working to help their clients improve their credit profile for over 12 years and they have helped thousands of individuals realize their dreams through tailored programing designed to improve individual financial acuity and confidence. 

They have developed a process for helping their members build a powerful credit profile and leverage it to accomplish their financial goals. 

How it Works? 

Human touch is the difference. This is why they pair you with your own personal credit specialist to assist with the many products and services that our membership provides. With your CIG Membership you will see your credit profile improve, organize your budget to maximize your cashflow, and become approved for new credit accounts. With our help, the goal of your new house, a new car, and strong budget will become a reality.

Plan to visit our Platinum Title Sponsor’s showcase space on April 30th, 2021 at the 1st Annual UZONA Chamber Business Expo & Career Fair presented by Credit Innovation Group.



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